Woodford Citizens Concerned with Growth Plan

A proposed update of Woodford County's comprehensive plan is causing some controversy among residents who feel the changes could strip the area of agricultural protections. Required by law to be updated every five years, the Woodford County comprehensive plan lays out community transportation and land-use priorities for lawmakers to consult when making decisions about development. This year's update removes protections for what's called the "agricultural-equine preserve district" north of Versailles. Brian Trougott is the chairman of the committee that suggested the changes.

"We still will treat all agricultural land the same. It'll be rural service area, not conducive for subdivisions. You won't see those dotting the landscape any," Traugott says.

But Lori Garkovich, president of the Woodford Coalition, says the new plan would allow for more residential development in an area set aside for agricultural use.

"Why do we need to make these changes when the plan has stood us so well? And secondly, might there be unintended consequences from the change that would begin to dismantle the things that we most value about this community," Garkovich says.

The public will get a chance to comment on the plan Thursday at 6:30 PM at the Versailles county courthouse.