Wind Prep in Jan.

Jan 13, 2012

Meteorologists will tell you severe weather can strike most any time of the year across Kentucky.  Just prior to this snowy cold snap, the threat of thunderstorm activity was a part of the forecast.  That includes the possibility of tornadic activity.  Pat Dugger, Director of Lexington’s Division of Emergency Management, says more attention is being given to building ‘wind resistant’ homes and businesses.

“Encourage builders and architects, if you don’t make your whole house that least put a tornado room, a tornado safe room built to those structures within your that you have a place to go,” said Dugger.

Pat Dugger says residential developers are urged to set aside at least one ‘wind resistant’ area in new houses.

“If you don’t want to up the cost of the whole structure being that way, at least make the basement or some room within your home that way so that you have a place to go that is safe and gonna hold withstand those types of winds,” added Dugger.

Dugger says a review or update of her division’s Hazard Mitigation Plan could include a look at building code standards for new developments.