Wildfires Still a Threat

Feb 17, 2012

The Spring Fire Season could peak sooner than usual in some areas of Kentucky.  So far in 20-21, Officials with the State Division of Forestry say more than 50 fires have already burned almost 15 hundred acres.  Division spokeswoman Lynn True says reduced snowfall can increase the risk of wildfire.“With the lack of a heavy snowfall..compacting all those forests fuels…it doesn’t take a day or two of windy or warm weather to dry those out..and a fire can easily get started,” said True.

The spring wildfire season began February 15th and runs through the end of April.  True says fire activity tends to peak in March.  During that time, True says Kentucky tends to see low humidity.

“And then as spring continues and we get a green-up and the leaves start coming out,  then of course, humidity rises and we don’t have so much of a problem…towards late spring and early summer and through the summer months,” added True.

True says landowners who burn debris also increase the risk of wintertime wildfires.  Plus, she says arson remains a concern.