Wilderness Survival Program for Youth

Feb 21, 2012

A gorgeous, sunny morning begs you to come out to a backwoods area you’ve never visited before. As the morning turns to afternoon, the clear blue skies turn cloudy and colder. On your way back, you discover that the log at your feet is the same one you passed a half-hour ago…or is it? Do you know where you are? You wish you had checked in with a friend or relative prior to hitting the trail. Would you know what to do? Would you know how to do it?

John James Audubon State Park Naturalist Julie McDonald will lead a three-hour program on wilderness survival for young people, ages 10-16, on March 17 from noon-3 p.m. CST, departing from the Audubon Museum in Henderson.

Participants will discover and practice survival skills while learning to use available resources. Students will learn to assess the situation, prioritize their needs and practice how to meet those needs. Students will build a simple shelter as well as practice lifesaving skills like fire-making and water source selection.

“Although young adults can be surprisingly creative when faced with survival scenarios, prevention is always encouraged,” McDonald said. “Learning to survive the elements is terrific, but packing proper equipment or not putting yourself in harm’s way in the first place is just as important.”

The cost for this program is $5 per participant and requires prior registration. The class size is limited to 25 individuals. Parent permission is required.

For more information and to register, call Julie McDonald at (270) 826-2247 or juliea.mcdonald@ky.gov