Wildcat-Cards Game Attracts ABC Agents

Sep 20, 2011

FRANKFORT – Enforcement officials from Kentucky’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) conducted a concentrated enforcement effort in areas adjacent to the campus of University of Kentucky on Saturday during the University of Kentucky vs. University of Louisville football game.

"Restricting youth access to alcohol is one of the most important things we can do, not only as an agency but also as a community," Mike Razor, director of the Division of Enforcement, said. “ABC investigators know how important it is to make sure the youth of the Commonwealth don’t have access to alcohol. They go to great lengths to enforce these laws with fairness and professionalism."

Saturday's enforcement effort resulted in 40 citations being issued. Of those, 34 were citations for minors in possession of alcohol.

In general, enforcement efforts focus on point of sale, third-party transactions, fraudulent identifications, drug violations and possession of alcohol by minor violations. These details are usually conducted in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies at events where there is a high concentration of minors and alcohol sales.

Investigators focus on alcohol violations while other law enforcement agencies focus on traffic, crowd control and other essential law enforcement duties.

“The presence of ABC investigators also include an element of prevention, causing potential law breakers to think twice before acting,” Razor said, adding that in 2010, ABC conducted 56 concentrated enforcement efforts resulting in 830 citations.

Other events where ABC officials concentrate on enforcment include the Kentucky State Fair, Keeneland race meets, other sporting events and other fairs and festivals.