At White House, Netanyahu Calls '67 Border Lines 'Indefensible'

May 20, 2011

One day after President Obama said the U.S. wants Israel's pre-1967 war borders to be the basis for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeated his opposition to that position. Obama, meanwhile, said he still believes "it is possible to shape a deal."

The two leaders met at the White House.

Afterward, Obama said they had "prolonged and extremely useful talks," but also conceded that the U.S. and Israeli governments have some differences. Still, he said he believes it's possible to shape a peace deal that will give Israel security.

Netanyahu, though, said Israel cannot safely go back to those border lines and said it cannot negotiate with Hamas, which he called the Palestinian verison of al-Qaida. Copyright 2011 National Public Radio. To see more, visit