What Should We Invest In?

Originally published on May 20, 2011 3:47 pm

Now that we've sold our gold, we're casting about for what to invest in next. On Tuesday's podcast, we asked for ideas. Thanks to everyone who responded via the blog, Twitter, Facebook and email.

Here's a sampling of the suggestions we've received so far:

Let's buy oil! Everyone loves to blame the rising oil prices on speculators, but HOW does one actually buy a barrel of oil?? Do you buy the barrel and keep it in your garage? -Philip Howard

SHORT OIL: I think you should invest in oil going down. -Brian

oil futures -@congeeboy

grain futures -@Hpblvd

whiskey futures -@REVWW

wine? -@pdunwin

Magnetar? -@jbiehler

marijuana dispensaries or grow ops. Is there an ETF for that? -@chosken

How about a share of Facebook or Twitter on SecondMarket? 'Public' bubbles of private stocks... -Tim Wilkinson

How about some bitcoins? Or maybe invest in a bitcoin mining rig? -Casey Deen

How about investing in micro loans next? (Kiva for example) You might not make a lot of money, but you will likely loose it more slowly ;) ...and it pays dividends in personal satisfaction knowing a little means a lot to others. -Reinoud Vaandrager

Next Investment: The Planet Money Investment Fund shorts _______. Walk us through the weird wild world of shorting stocks/bonds, be it naked or covered. -Michael Klein

This might sound boring, but why not stick it in an index fund? If nothing else it'll be a good show on how to actually invest wisely. -Harry Traulsen

Invest in poker lessons next. Seriously. -@RadioNed

US Treasury Bill, nice safe investment, that the US may soon cease to pay interest on. -@JCS3

How about commodities futures? Perhaps coffee futures? It's addictive and the supply is threatened. -Dean in SF

Your "Toxie" was a bundle of mortgage loans, and I've heard of another type of packaged loans being traded - student loans. -Andy B.

I think you should try to use that money to invest in Detroit real estate. The market there is so depressed, I think you just might be able to buy something there for that money, and I think Detroit has a lot of really interesting economic stories. -Margaret

Keep 'em coming! Please add your suggestions in the comments.

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