WEKU solicits comments about Keillor's political activity

Feb 23, 2012

Public radio’s Garrison Keillor has hosted a fundraiser for President Obama’s campaign for re-election.  In response, WEKU is interested in comments about this from our listeners and supporters.

The story was apparently originally broken by Politico.com

Keillor, who is beloved by many for his home-spun story-telling on the weekly variety show, A Prairie Home Companion, is one of the most-recognized voices for millions of public radio listeners and supporters.  He’s written at least a dozen books and even starred in a movie on the big screen.

In the wake of the high-profile firings of NPR news commentator Juan Williams and of World of Opera host Lisa Simeone for violating ethical precepts, some people believe Garrison should be held to a similar standard.  * (see below)

While he’s not a news reporter or host, and doesn’t work for NPR, Keillor is heard on many stations that report on local, national and international news, including the race for the Presidency and other political issues.

By the way, Keillor openly announced his support for candidate Barack Obama in 2008.

WEKU is wondering how you feel about this type of political activity by public radio personalities, specifically Garrison Keillor.

What should stations like WEKU do?  

What about American Public Media, the network that distributes Garrison’s programs?

Since we are a listener-supported public radio station, we really want to know what you think.   Or….are we making too much of it?

Please post your comments on our Facebook page, or by e-mail at: weku@eku.edu.   You can call us and leave a message at 859-622-1667.

If you give us permission, we may use your comment on the air.

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* Correction:  Please see Lisa Simeone's reply below that includes a clarification about her role in the public radio programs Soundprint and World of Opera.  We apologize for the inaccuracy.