WEKU Listener Feedback February 11

Feb 11, 2013

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First up today, a reaction to last week’s comments.  One of those was a concern about the nature of the humor in Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.  The other, feeling our programming promotes what he described as the “homosexual agenda.”

A website visitor, self-identifying as “Working Eye,” wrote to disagree, describing the critics as “humorless” and “self-righteous.”

This listener cites just one negative aspect of our programming, “About the only thing I don't like is when Mr. Simon takes up valuable time talking about sports... isn't there enough of that everywhere else?  Also love the cooking shows.” He concludes saying,  “I don't want to leave out Krista Tippett... one of the best shows ever as far as I'm concerned... perhaps you should direct your disgruntled write-ins there.”

This writer, by the way, mentioned missing smooth jazz as the former format on WKYL.  We point out that we’re now airing nearly 30 hours of jazz overnights on Classic 102.1.

And finally, from caller “Bob,” who’s just now discovering some changes on WEKU: “I was gone all summer and when I returned, I find your new programming, or lack thereof, I might say.  Being especially interested in classical music, I’ve enjoyed your coverage in that department and I’m sorry that it no longer continues because what I’m receiving on my radio is very poorly received.”

We're thankful for all the comments and encourage you to keep letting us know what you like or what we can do better. E-mail us at WEKU at EKU.edu.  Post on our Facebook page or call our Listener Comment Line 859-622-1657.  We’ll gladly keep your comment anonymous but please be sure to leave your name and callback information.

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