WEKU Listener Feedback 5/13/13

May 13, 2013

We begin this week with a brief follow-up to the technical difficulties that virtually destroyed the 6 – 7 am hour of Morning Edition last Monday.  The outage was a result of an equipment failure at NPR’s pristine new studios in our nation’s capital city.

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What listeners heard for a brief period was something like this….(Bryan Bartlett technical difficulty announcement).  Morning Edition was finally back on the air in its entirety sometime between 6:30 and 7:00.   On Facebook, Beatrice commented, we believe tongue-in-cheek, “Everything bad originates in Washington, D.C. these days.”

After our broadcast of the Lexington Philharmonic concert on Classic 102.1, Alessandra messaged us on Facebook, asking when she could hear it on the air.  She was at the concert Friday night. We were, of course, able to tell her the show will be re-broadcast on both Classic 102.1 and WEKU the weekend before the September opening concert of the next season.

And one more technical issue: Linda, of Barbourville, has been in touch about a problem she’s hearing on our transmitter at 96.9 in Barbourville.  It’s one of our “translators” intended to fill in with signal in an area where 88.5 WEKF can’t be heard clearly.  That transmitter is up on a hill over the city that’s only reachable with four-wheel drive but we’re hoping we can get our engineer down there as soon as possible this week.

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