WEKU Listener Feedback 4/29/13

Apr 29, 2013

Following our broadcast of concerns about the amount of coverage we provided following the Boston bombings last week, we received the following email from listener Lisa, saying she agrees.  She writes, “I love your station and listen all the time. I usually donate once, often twice a year and will gladly donate more when I secure a full time job."

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Lisa continues, "I was saddened by your coverage that seemed to mimic that of CNN and even Fox "news" at times when speculation kept running on high."

The problem truly is having non-stop coverage of an event where only 5-10 minutes of new facts have been revealed. What will the journalists talk about? It forces them to speculate, to focus on stories reported by various onlookers who have little information themselves. NPR's coverage was definitely better and more cautious than the CNN and Fox news of the US media but not by much.

Lisa goes on to recommend it would have been better to continue with regular programming and interrupt when true developments happen.

A couple of folks wrote with a differing opinion such as Kathleen,  “Having lived in Watertown, MA and worked in Boston some 20 years ago, I concede I was probably more interested than your average listener.

But I greatly appreciated your special and expanded coverage. Last Friday night, I kept the radio turned to WEKU while flipping to and from various media web sites for the latest coverage.

The fact that a MAJOR U.S. city was on virtual lockdown nearly all of Friday was reason enough to interrupt regular programming.”

Pamla, expressed a similar sentiment, “Thank you for your full day of Boston coverage.  I suspect you will receive some flack about it, so I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it. Keep up the good programming.”

We're grateful for all the comments and invite you to let us know what you think.

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