WEKU Listener Feedback 4/22/13

Apr 22, 2013

All our comments this week relate to coverage of last week’s tragic events in Boston. 

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Steve, from Berea, emailed us, apparently about something the BBC did during coverage on Tuesday morning,  “What are you doing!????  Why did you interrupt the update to the Boston Bombing news report?  It was very disrupting to those of us wanting to understand what happened.  You really should have dropped BBC and gone live with NPR.  There are too many unnecessary interruptions!.”

Lee Ann wrote, “What happened to Q??  I always listen to Jian Ghomeshi on my trip from Danville to teach at EKU and this week there was no Q.  I was very disappointed!!!.”

Two callers, preferring to remain anonymous, left messages on the Listener Comment Line.

Caller # 1: “I appreciate that you’re wanting to keep us all involved and up-to-the-minute, but frankly I think the obsession is really unhealthy.  And I would far rather have regular programming and trust that you would break in at such time as the suspect has been apprehended…it seems like for hours you’ve just been re-hashing details and it’s time to get on with regular programming.”

Caller # 2: “So, it was great waking up this morning and hearing the breaking news coverage that happened overnight but you guys are turning into like Fox News or something, with just the repeat the whole day and it got kind of old.  I’m glad there’s new news now.  That’s great but, give me back This American Life.  Let’s go.”

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