WEKU Listener Feedback 4/1/13

Apr 1, 2013

We're interested in your feedback. Write to us at: WEKU (at) eku (dot) edu, post your comment on the website or Facebook or call the Listener Comment Line at 859-622-1657.

By e-mail, we received this note from listener Joan, “My entire radio experience was changed when I first heard your new format.  (My hours listening increased as did my twice annual contributions of many years.) The only time I am very unhappy with your programing is, of course, during fund raising weeks." 

Joan continues, "In fact this year, I became so exasperated I turned off my radio.   Is there a better way? Can we have just a reminder that it is time to send money to keep the station going?  We all know that we would not have your programming if you cannot afford it."

Another e-mailer, Michael, also has comments about fundraising.  He writes, “I was listening to Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me this afternoon, and I heard the host Peter Sagal, pushing sustaining memberships, with the idea that if enough people did this, the station could stop on air fundraising completely! YES! I advocated this to you a year or two ago, but the station manager did not warm up too much to the idea.

By having that announcement, does it mean that you are more interested now? I am putting my money where my mouth is, as I am a sustaining member.”

A comment for both Michael and Joan, we are definitely interested in developing more sustaining memberships but those donations are, at the moment, a small portion of our listener support.  We will continue looking for ways to increase ongoing support of that type.  Some stations have done so quite successfully but it took them years to get to numbers approaching 50 percent of their membership.

And finally, a comment along with a donation last week, “WEKU continues to dumb down its programming.  Incessant talk, the cancelling of Says You, replacing it with the terminally lame Ask Me Another and its mindless studio audience.  Since abandoning its classical music audience, WEKU has been a much diminished public radio station.  News, noise and so much less.”

We're grateful for all the comments and invite you to keep letting us know what you think.  E-mail us at WEKU at EKU.edu.  Post on our Facebook page or call our Listener Comment Line, 859-622-1657.  We’ll gladly keep your comment anonymous but please be sure to leave your name and callback information.

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