WEKU Listener Feedback 3/4/13

Mar 4, 2013

We heard some great comments at the six community meetings we held around the WEKU listening area.   We visited Hazard,  Lexington, Corbin and Frankfort, held a meeting in Richmond and another one in Danville.

Here are some comments we heard in Danville on February 18th in Danville, from David, Carol & Ken.

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David: “The problem with the news media in general is that they focus on the United States, like there’s nothing else out there.  NPR News and the BBC News and a lot of the programs assume that the world’s out there and they give you the stories, what’s happening in the whole world, not just what’s happening in this country.”

Carol: “I think you do a really good job with state and local news.  You seem to really stay current on it.  You pull in things I’m interested in hearing about, not just things that might be politically right there at the time.”

Ken: “The times that I have communicated (with the station), I’ve not ever felt that what I said was getting listened to.  Feedback from you guys back to the folks that are making the comments would be good.”

E-mailer Chris was unable to attend any of our public meetings, but wrote: “I love the Saturday programming and most of the daily programs.  I understand that people miss the classical format but I have access to 102.1.”

We're grateful for all the comments and invite you to keep letting us know what you think.  And also, please let us know if you hear a technical problem of any kind.  E-mail us at WEKU at EKU.edu.  Post on our Facebook page or call our Listener Comment Line, 859-622-1657.  

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