WEKU Listener Feedback 2/18

Feb 18, 2013

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Leslie, of Corinth, e-mailed us this week: “I absolutely love your programming. Admittedly, I'm an NPR junkie, but I really like your format. My only wish is that you and WUKY offered me an alternative to that godawful Prairie Home Companion. I understand that it's popular, but could you possibly offer it at another time?”

Let’s go the phones:  “Hi, WEKU, my name is Tory and I’m always entertained by the listener calls that you guys play on Mondays.  Because they all seem so cranky and I find very little to be cranky about on WEKU.

I think I’m probably on the younger end of your listener spectrum. I’m 24 and so I really do appreciate things like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Q with Gian Gomeschi, who has the most wonderful voice ever, and all of the new programs that you’ve added on the weekends as well.”

Ann, from Frankfort is a listener to Classic 102.1 WKYL, “I’m calling about this influx of jazz that you’re putting on at night.  I always thought Saturday and Sunday night was enough.  I just don’t think the jazz should be starting before midnight, if you’re going to play it.”

And finally, Lynn, who works at EKU, writes, “I just want to compliment Jonese Franklin for being just the best voice to listen to.  Over all, this station has improved in so many ways.”

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And this would be a good time to remind you of the community meetings we’re holding.  We’d like to meet you and get your feedback in person.  The first of those is this evening in Danville.  You’ll find more information at this link.