Weekend Bridge Work will Slow Traffic on Lexington's New Circle Road

Jul 11, 2013

A busy stretch of New Circle Road in south Lexington will likely see increased congestion over the next several weekends.  Repair work will be done on eight bridges.  The overpasses carry traffic over Richmond Road, Tates Creek, Lansdowne, and Chinoe.  State Transportation Department Spokeswoman Natasha Lacy says it will involve extensive work.

One of the bridges that pass over New Circle Road in Lexington.
Credit Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

“This is a complete resurfacing job and what we will be doing is milling out the bridge decks, the old surface, taking it off and replacing it will new concrete.  It’s a very permanent situation,” said Lacy.

Lacy says the bridge work should require eight weekends to complete.   But, she adds it will not be done week after week.

“There will not be any detours that are necessary.  There will be always one lane open in both directions during the time of this work and of course this is also weekend work on Friday nights beginning at eight p.m. and continuing through Monday mornings at five a.m.  It will be a total of eight weekends and those will not be consecutive weekends,” explained Lacy.

Lacy says the speed of repair work will depend on the weather.  If all goes well, the repairs will continue into early fall.