This Weekend On Alt.Latino: Three DJs You Should Hear

Jun 5, 2011

If you've been tuning in to Alt.Latino regularly, you might notice that we have a special love affair going on with up-and-coming Latin DJs who are in the business of mixing traditional songs with amazing beats.

So, naturally, when Weekend Edition Sunday host Jacki Lyden invited us to talk about our favorite new music, we chose to discuss some of the DJs rocking our worlds.

We start off with Alt.Latino favorite Geko Jones. This New York-based DJ is like a musical anthropologist who digs deep into his Colombian and Puerto Rican roots, churning out amazing tunes. We then move further south into Argentina, where DJ Chancha Via Circuito flawlessly stitches together indigenous folk songs with electronic beats.

Our final destination is Mexico, where Los Macuanos' members perform ruidoson — a blend of Mexican folk, cumbia, regional Mexican and techno.

Tune in for an extra-special, super-danceable weekend edition of Alt.Latino!

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