Weather Trends Up and Down

Dec 18, 2012

It’s been a roller coaster year, weather wise, for much of Kentucky.  This winter, we may see more consistency.  University of Kentucky Agricultural Meteorologist Matt Dixon says the first half of 20-12 saw way above normal temperatures.  He says Kentucky’s March was the warmest on record.  A major drought hit western Kentucky hard.  But, Dixon says a strange twist took place this fall.

“Since July and since our major drought, we’ve kind of turned this around.  We’ve kind of done a complete 180 as what you would say and since the first half of the year, we’ve seen above normal temperatures, the past three months have all been below normal,” said Dixon.

A computerized weather model can be a meteorologist’s best friend.  Such models can process volumes of information on the climate and generate a forecast.   However, Dixon says the accuracy of computer generated forecasts often fades as they look further in the future.

 “As these models go out in time, say five days out, seven days out, more error is interpreted into the model and they get less accurate.  So, it’s our job to compare models and get the respectful forecast for our region.  There’s always errors in these models,” added Dixon.

Dixon says the short term forecast calls for a drastic drop in temperatures by the weekend, with a chance of some snowfall.  Long term, the weather this winter should be stable, with a normal amount of precipitation.