Water Towers Get New Paint, While EKU Gets New Image

Nov 25, 2013

Four water towers in Richmond should deliver a new and consistent message about Eastern Kentucky University.   Over the next several months, the city-owned towers will be repainted with new logos.  Some will underscore the partnership between EKU and the city.  University President Michael Benson and Mayor Jim Barnes made the announcement this morning.

Richmond Mayor Jim Barnes (left) and EKU President Michael Benson (right) showing the new paint scheme for four city owned water towers.

“It’s a clear, unmistakable message that we’re in this together…the university and the city,” said Benson.

“I think one of the things that we want to do is I want our community to know that, the importance of the university to our community,” added Barnes.

Benson says it’s also part of efforts to update the university’s image.

“As the campus looks and the way we portray ourselves to the public, it says a lot about us.  We wanna’ be updated. We wanna’ be clean.  We wanna’ have an image that people immediately recognize and it’s associated with the university,” said Benson.

Benson says EKU will share the cost of repainting the towers with the city of Richmond.  In total, it should cost about $20-thousand, with the new paint jobs lasting about a decade. 

Credit WEKU News

“We try to fix them where they last about ten years.  By that time, he and I will have a new idea.  We may put new towers up.  Who knows,” said Barnes.

Barnes says the work should be complete before summer, 2014.