Warren Christopher Dies At Age 85


SIMON: Warren Christopher was a famously meticulous man. When he stepped down as President Clintons secretary of State, the president referred to him as the only man ever to eat M&Ms on Air Force One with a fork.

Warren Christopher died last night at the age 85, at home in Los Angeles. He was the son of a North Dakota bank clerk who became a blue chip, L.A. lawyer in splendid suits, and a famously self-effacing diplomat.

He meticulously negotiated the NAFTA trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, and expanded NATO to include former enemies. He was accused of being slow to recognize genocide in Bosnia, but was lauded for his report to reform the Los Angeles Police Department after the beating of Rodney King. President Jimmy Carter conferred the Medal of Freedom on Warren Christopher, and called him: the best public servant I ever knew.

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