Warm Winter in Play

Feb 27, 2012

This winter’s unseasonably warm conditions could provide ripe conditions for vegetation, some wanted and some unwanted.  The average temperature across Kentucky from December until now stands just under 40 degrees.  That makes this winter the tenth warmest on record.  The warmest winter was in 1932 when the average temperature almost reached 45 degrees.  As a result, University of Kentucky Agricultural Meteorologist Tom Priddy says gardeners should still expect problems.

“Weeds are gonna continue to grow in this kind of weather. I mean my gosh, Bowling Green had a 78 last Thursday.  So with those temperatures, at this time of year, things are probably confused,” said Priddy.

Although it’s been fairly wet, Priddy says lately, it’s been dryer.

“Quite honestly the last four weeks, have been below normal liquid precipitation. So we are starting to dry down a little bit.  Those muddy farm stands are starting to dry down just a little bit and that’s probably a good thing,” added Priddy.

Priddy adds a late winter cold snap could cause real problems for wheat growers and orchardists.