Wal-Mart's Profits Up, Portugal Gets Bailout

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NPR's business news starts with Wal-Mart's latest earnings.

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MONTAGNE: The country's biggest retailer said its profits, in the most recent quarter, rose about three percent over this time last year, to three and a half billion dollars. But, many investors are focusing on Wal-Mart's sales at its U.S. stores. For the eighth straight quarter, sales at U.S. stores fell - this time, just over one percent.

In Europe, officials have renewed efforts to resolve their financial problems. They just approved a bailout package for Portugal, worth about $110 billion. But, the E.U. officials are still struggling with what to do about Greece and whether to give that country more money on top of the $155 billion bailout approved last year. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.