Voters on Low Voter Turnout

Nov 8, 2011

Brilliant sunshine greeted voters across the commonwealth today .  Despite the fair weather, pre-election predictions suggest a light voter turnout as Kentuckians decide six statewide races.  Lexington voter Frank Byron worries that social studies have ‘gone downhill’  and suspects a lack of interest in civic affairs is behind a  voter turnout that could be below 30 percent.

“People don’t know how many states there are…they don’t know what the member of congress’ names is…they don’t know what the issues are…they don’t know how to contact their congressman or state representative,” said Byron.

On the other side of Lexington at Tates Creek school, Bob Rand cast his ballot.  He believes partisanship, particularly at the federal level, is hurting America.

“It has to be bi-partisan in order to represent hopefully the majority of people, otherwise it’s one side….when you only have 30 percent or less people voting…that’s a tragedy,” added Rand.

 Betty Barmann, who’s a precinct official in Lexington, says she never stops talking about the importance of voting.

 “We talk and talk and talk to people…if they don’t want to come…we’ll get an absentee ballot…they don’t even want to do that…and I say we’ll you’re giving your country away…when you don’t vote…you’re simply giving your country away…it doesn’t soak in,” said Barmann.

 The polls close at six o-clock.  Among the six statewide races decided today are the races for governor, state attorney general and auditor.