Violent Crime Prompts Police Task Force

Oct 13, 2011

A recent rash of violent crime in Lexington has police doubling their efforts address the problem. A string of shootings that began October 5th has left one dead and nine wounded. With ten shooting incidents reported in the last nine days, police are looking for any common threads that could link the crimes, some of which have been connected with the growing illegal prescription drug trade. Lexington Police Commander Kelly Edwards says the police are taking the uptick seriously. 

"We're going to have directed, high-visibility patrols, increase our information and intelligence gathering, and improve our teamwork and communication amongst all the stakeholders," Edwards said. 

At a press conference Thursday morning, Mayor Jim Gray took to the podium to reassure citizens. 

"Lexington will not be threatened or live in fear. We won't let thugs govern our streets," he said. 

Police have made two arrests related to the shootings so far. Many of the incidents have occurred on Lexington's east end.