Violations Decrease on Annual Drinking Water Report

Jun 14, 2012

Frankfort – The annual compliance report on public water systems prepared by the Kentucky Division of Water indicates violations involving contaminants and treatment dropped by 257 from 2010 to 2011. The report, required by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, lists Kentucky’s 461 public water systems and any violations imposed in the previous calendar year. The report shows that maximum contaminant level and treatment violations decreased from 116 in 2010 to 96 in 2011, according to a state news release.

“The majority of violations at Kentucky’s public water systems last year involved administrative infractions rather than problems with water treatment,” said Julie Roney, coordinator of the DOW Drinking Water Program. “These results are encouraging as we work with public water systems to provide safe, reliable drinking water for all Kentuckians.”

Kentucky’s public water supply systems test on a regular basis for bacteria, nitrate and other inorganic chemicals, radiological elements and more than 100 industrial chemicals and pesticides. The results are monitored by DOW. A water system that exceeds the standards for a contaminant is required to take corrective action and notify its customers. Contaminant noncompliance is generally a short-term situation, said Roney.

“Once a violation is issued, treatment is usually adjusted very quickly and most supplies soon return to the required ranges,” said Roney. “We do, however, take seriously the requirement of public water systems to submit timely and accurate monitoring reports. This emphasis is reflected in the number of administrative violations issued by the Division of Water in 2011.”

The 2011 compliance report may be viewed in summary and detailed formats at The summary report is arranged by contaminant, while the detailed document is arranged by public water system. For more information about the report, contact Julie Roney at DOW at 502-564-3410.