VIDEO: Brave Teacher In Mexico Has Kindergartners Sing During Shootout

May 31, 2011

This is one of those videos that will restore your faith in people even as it also shows how remarkably cruel the world can be.

The cruel part is that there was a gunfight Friday outside a school in northern Mexico. Five people were killed at a taxi stand. No surprise: Drugs were involved.

But kindergarten teacher Martha Rivera Alanis and her students had practiced for it (a sad thing to have to say). And as she got her little people down on the floor, Rivera tried to keep them from getting too scared by singing.

Neither Rivera nor her students were injured. Afterward, Rivera used her Twitter page to say the incident "was very bad ... my kids were very scared ... (and me too! NO MORE!!)." She's also posted messages saying that she is not looking to be famous and only did what many teachers would have done.

As we said, the video will make you glad there are people like her out there ... even as it breaks your heart just a little.

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