Vice Mayor's Retirement Opens Door For Lexington Councilman

Dec 4, 2013

A veteran Lexington Council member would like to put himself in position to take over as vice mayor.  Sixth district councilman Kevin Stinnett announced Tuesday he’ll run next year for an at-large seat.   Stinnett says the current council-mayor relationship is positive and worth maintaining.

“I think we can only work to improve it, make it already better than it already is, going forward if I’m on the at large and especially if I’m Vice Mayor, there’s a good opportunity to have a great relationship with whoever is mayor and gets re-elected and move Lexington forward together and I think I’m ready to do that,” said Stinnett.

Winning an at-large seat offers an opportunity to land the second highest position in local government.  The leading vote getter in the city wide race serves as vice mayor.  Stinnett wouldn’t rule out a run for mayor someday…but not next year.

“You know, I try not to look too far ahead.  You know, I take one job at a time and the job I want right now is council at large in 2014.  Someday that may be an option on the table for me personally. But right now, I’m committed for doing the job on Council and that’s as far as I’m gonna look,” added Stinnett.

Stinnett says the biggest priorities remain public safety and carrying out massive sewer improvements at the best cost.  Current Vice Mayor Linda Gorton retires at the end of her term.