Veto Likely for Disc Golf Courses

Of the dozens of items in Lexington's $274 million budget for the next fiscal year, one of the most controversial surrounds the sport of disc golf. The spending plan passed last week by the Urban County Council includes a $150,000 bond proposal for disc golf courses at Coldstream Park and Jacobson Park.

Greg Rickert of the Bluegrass Disc Golf Association went before Mayor Jim Gray and the Urban County Council, urging them to keep the funding in place. 

"It's not just about going out and through Frisbees. The disc golf association really believes the addition of these facilities will be a benefit to our community." 

But Mayor Gray says disc golf courses don't fit with his vision for the budget. 

"And that included a commitment to reducing our debt, to not increasing our debt, to reducing our costs, to not spending frivolously." 

The council also maintained funding for Meadowbrook Golf Course and several city jobs. Gray will meet with council members in a budget workshop Wednesday morning before issuing any line-item vetoes. Nine votes would be required to override the vetoes.