Veterans in the Commonwealth

Nov 3, 2013

How are military veterans from Kentucky faring?  What Services are available to them and how are we failing them?  How have public perceptions of veterans shifted from one armed conflict to another?  These are some of the questions we'll pursue and that we're inviting you to answer.

We're interested in hearing from veterans and their families in this week's show. E-mail us at: wekueasternstandard (at) gmail (dot) com; post on Facebook or call and leave a comment at: 859-622-1657
Credit Amber Coulter / The News-Enterprise

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Guests: Ken Lucas, Former U.S. Representative from Kentucky's 4th District and Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs; 
Brett Morris, Interim Director of the Eastern Kentucky University Department of Military and Veterans Affairs; Kevin Pernicano, PhD, Chief of Mental Health Services for the VA Medical Center in Lexington.