USPS Considers Lexington Facility for Cuts

Jul 18, 2011

A spokesman with the U-S Postal Service says the agency is about to conduct a study to see if some of the duties handled by the Lexington Processing and Distribution Center could be performed more efficiently at the Louisville plant. David Walton says such "Area Mail Processing" studies are going on all across the country.

"Sometimes they have these studies and they say, hey, it's not going to be worth it to proceed. In other cases they do. Once we do reach that point, though, if we do decide to move ahead we will have a public meeting where we can get our stakeholders and customers' comments. We'd like to hear from them because that is very much a part of this study."

Walton says with the Postal Service on pace to lose another 6 billion dollars this year, examining all forms of consolidation just makes economic sense.

"We have about 32,000 post offices across the country and would you believe that 80% of those post offices don't bring in enough revenue to cover salaries and the costs to keep up those facilities? So, 80% of our facilities are actually losing money."