Update on Lexington's City Employee Clinic

Feb 8, 2012

A new clinic for Lexington’s city employees is closed to some retirees.  The city opened up a Health Care Clinic off Leestown road in mid-January.   Advisor to the Chief Administrative Officer Melissa Leuker says the retirees are part of the Kentucky Employees Health Plan and cannot use the clinic.  “One of the biggest questions I’ve gotten is from retirees…and they’re asking if they’re eligible..They’ve called to go out there…they’ve went out there..they’re saying they’re not in the system…Marathon doesn’t have them,” said Leuker.

Marathon is the company managing the clinic.  Still, Leuker says about one thousand Lexington retirees are eligible for health clinic services. 

The health care clinic promises prompt health care.   Leuker says no patient should be made to wait.  But she says the health care facility is not a walk in clinic.

“Their motto is not to have a waiting room full of people…and everyone have to wait for two hours or whatever..they would like to get people to come in and go straight back…they don’t want to have people sitting in the waiting room,” added Leuker.

Since its opening, the clinic has seen about 19 patients per day.