University Student Clubs are Self Policing

Nov 16, 2012

In its campaign against hazing, Eastern Kentucky University expects student clubs to police themselves.  The E-K-U Men’s Rugby Club was suspended Thursday night for freshmen initiations that included a paddle.  The club cannot practice, play games, or even meet until August of 20-14.  Eastern Vice President of Student Affairs Mike Reagle says the university does not have enough staff to closely monitor such organizations.

“We have some nearly 200 organizations that are active on campus.  We would not have the staffing to be able to do that and do that effectively.  If we did that, then it would take away the autonomy of the organizations to operate in a way that they want to operate,” said Reagle.

Hazing within the Rugby Club was practiced for nearly two-and-a-half years before its violations were reported.  Reagle admits it’s a challenge but adds E-K-U holds student clubs accountable when they violate university policies.  He doesn’t think this suspension reflects on other student groups.

“I don’t think that because one student organization made some choices that they should not have made I don’t believe that we should say that other clubs or organizations are doing that.  I don’t think that there’s any reason to believe that,” added Reagle.

The men’s rugby team cannot practice, play games, or even meet until August of 20-14.  All members are also required to attend education programs on hazing.