Universities Resist National Teacher Survey

Sep 16, 2011

U.S. News & World Report recently released its university rankings for the year; next year they're set to rate the quality of teacher preparation programs. Kentucky was among the first states contacted as part of the review, done in partnership with the National Council on Teacher Quality, but officials at UK and the state's other public universities declined to take part, citing concerns about the survey's methodology. 

"It's true the survey is controversial. We think it's controversial because no one has really cast a spotlight on a field that's really important," Arthur McKee with the National Council on Teacher Quality said. 

Following an open records request, all of the public institutions agreed to hand over their data. Still, the thirteen private schools contacted have so far neglected to respond. McKee says teachers are not being well served by many programs across the country and the survey, which his group plans to release in late 2012, will give universities and colleges a clearer view of the issue.