United Pilots Pamphlet Blue Grass Airport

United Airlines pilots stood at the front entrance of Blue Grass Airport Monday, but not to greet travelers or give directions. The pilots were distributing leaflets criticizing United management for giving employees the short shrift and compromising safety by outsourcing jobs. United Airlines pilots are taking their complaints and concerns out of the board room and straight to the passengers.

Three United pilots, dressed in uniform, handed out pamphlets at Blue Grass Airport Monday as part of a national campaign. United pilots have been in contract negotiations since 2009 and say the company is failing to recognize the sacrifices they made in pay cuts and lost pensions after 9/11. Pilot Scott Freeman says United is also jeopardizing flyer safety by outsourcing jobs.

"We want our customers to demand that they have the ultimate safety and that they don't fly with outsourced crews that they don't know what level of safety they have," he says. 

Last week, a United spokesperson said, when it comes to contracts, the company is “committed to reaching agreements quickly, but those agreements must be fair to the company and fair to employees.” Dissatisfied United pilots have set up a website called theunfriendlyskies.org.