UN Driving and Firearms Testing

Aug 25, 2011

Several female police officers from around the world Thursday were tested on their driving and shooting at a Lexington police range.

A small group of officers at this week’s International Association of Women Police Conference underwent training mandated by the United Nations.  Comfort Miah from the west African nation of Ghana worked on her driving skills.  Such driver education would have been helpful in Darfur, Africa….where Officer Miah served previously.

“You have to be very confident.  Very good at driving, because it is very sandy and there is all the time attack through the days, so you have to be very good and know how to drive.” Said Miah.

The women also underwent weapons testing at the central Kentucky shooting range.  Lexington Police Lieutenant Rodney Sherrod says, for several, it was the first time they’ve discharged a firearm.

“So we have a few that are taken this course and have never fired a weapon.  And so this is the first time they have ever had a gun in their hand,” added Sherrod.

Eva Drugge , who works with the U-N’s Department of Peace Keeping Operations, says the drivers education classes were straightforward..

“Go straight ahead avoid an obstacle and then reverse and do parking in the garage, so to say.  We’re using cones, we not having a real garage but we’re using cones here.  And, in the test, you are not allowed to hit any cone…then you are out…you don’t make it,” explained Drugge.

Lexington Police Lieutenant Rodney Sherrod administered the tests.  Sherrod says one of the bigger challenges was finding a four-by-four truck with a standard transmission.