UK Trustee Calls For More Transparency

Oct 24, 2011

A new addition to the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees is calling for greater transparency from the school's administration. Irina Voro is accusing UK officials of stonewalling her request for data. 

On September 28th, Voro sent a request to the Vice President of Human Resources at UK asking for a list of administrative ranks at the university. Her aim, she says, was to get a handle on the size and scope of the administration. Voro was then told her request must go through the Board of Trustees chairman first. But weeks later in an email sent to faculty at UK, Voro says the request continues to be stymied by officials reluctant to reveal the numbers. 

In a Lexington Herald-Leader article, board chairman Britt Brockman said the administration isn't withholding information - only working to ensure a more efficient system is in place to handle such questions. Unsatisfied, Voro filed an Open Records request last week with a deadline of October 24th. The Board of Trustees is set to meet tomorrow.