UK to Offer Graduate Music Therapy Program

A clinical music therapist at UK's Chandler Hospital is taking her expertise to the classroom with the launch of a new graduate program. Dr. Lori Gooding uses singing and her guitar to help her patients reduce pain and anxiety.

"They play all kinds of percussion instruments, they song write, they do music-assisted relaxation. So as much as we can, we integrate them into the active portions of the session." 

Beginning with the spring semester, the University of Kentucky will offer a master's degree in music therapy. Gooding is the program's director. 

"We're going to be doing things like medical music therapy counseling techniques and music therapy, those types of courses. They'll also take music courses to keep up their music skills and add new music skills. And then they'll take outside electives based on what their area of interest is." 

The graduate degree in music therapy will be the first of its kind in the state. Gooding says several students are already taking preparatory courses to get ready for the new program.