UK Healthcare Recognizes Donate Life Month

Organ and tissue donors and recipients gathered with doctors and nurses with UK Healthcare to recognize a special month on their calendars. A new flag flies below the stars and stripes in front of UK Chandler Hospital. It reads “Donate Life,” highlighting April status as Donate Life Month, an effort to bolster organ donor registries across the country. More than 800 Kentucky residents are on waiting lists for life-saving organs. Teresa Schladt was lucky enough to receive a liver five years ago.

"I've been able to see my two kids graduate, one graduate from college. I've seen a wedding, my kid's wedding. I've been able to watch my children pretty much grow up," she says. 

Schladt says with one small stroke of the pen at the driver’s license office, people have the power to change lives. In 2011, 79 organ transplants took place at UK Healthcare.