UK, City of Lexington to Meet on Rupp Project

Jun 9, 2014


Lexington Mayor Jim Gray and University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto are scheduled to meet later this week to discuss the Rupp Arena Project.  The meeting this Thursday came at the request of Gray.  Governor Steve Beshear supports the reinvention of Rupp and construction of a new convention center. 

During a Lexington event Monday, Beshear said both the city and UK need to agree on the extent of renovation before moving forward.  "I think UK wants to move forward.  Of course, the city wants to move forward, what we'll move forward on I think is still under consideration.  And, those two partners are gonna have to get together and come to a conclusion on that."

UK President Eli Capilouto has expressed concerns about the financing plan for the 350 million dollar endeavor.  He has also stressed the need for infrastructure improvements on the Lexington campus.  Lexington Mayor Jim Gray believes the discussions can bring about agreement. "There's always middle ground. Any ambitious and aspirational project always involves parties considering options, considering alternatives, looking to the future," said Gray.

Gray says there is no set agenda for the Thursday meeting with the UK president.