UK, Army Engineers Team Up

Jul 11, 2011

The Kentucky Transportation Center and the Army Corps of Engineers are joining forces to make sure Kentucky's waterways are being used to their full potential. While the collaboration isn't unique, it does represent a new approach to tackling old problems. Long before highways, Kentucky's rivers served as vital means of transportation. Today, Joe Crabtree, director of the Kentucky Transportation Center, says, when it comes to shipping freight, water still has its advantages. 

"We ought to be looking at every opportunity to put freight on our waterways. It's good for our economy. It's good for our environment. It's good for our dependence on foreign oil," Crabtree says. 

To that end, the KTC have decided to make their year old partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers official, allowing the two entities to pool resources, share data, and, they hope, spur innovation. Crabtree says Kentucky is ideally positioned to be a national leader when it comes to advancing waterways research and today's agreement was an important first step.