Two Way Street Study Pending

May 8, 2012

The city of Lexington appears ready to hire a consultant to further examine the conversion of four one way downtown streets to two way.   Planning Department Director, Chris King says the study could answer a number of lingering questions.  “But there’s never been any real data on how would that be designed what would that cost…that study will give us that information that will let the council make decisions on whether to proceed how to proceed when to proceed and what it would cost to proceed,” said King.

The Urban County Council will be asked to approve the contract with Stan Tech Thursday night.  Council member Doug Martin worries about how such a change might jam up traffic.

“The concerns are how do you turn left… when you have two way streets…you have a big flow of traffic coming down you have to wait to turn across traffic and that backs up every body behind you,” added Martin.

Vice Mayor Linda Gorton says a decision could come after the year long review.

“And that will be up to the council as to whether they want to approve two waying and how much money they want to allocate to it and where they want to start.  I mean there’s a lot decisions that would have to be made after the final report comes out,” said Gorton.

Gorton points out there will be four new urban county council members on board a year from now.