Two Lexington Numbers Experts Head to Frankfort

Nov 21, 2012

Just weeks before Lexington gets down to the nitty gritty work on a new budget, it’s lost two top fiscal experts.  City Budget director Ryan Barrow is moving onto the state Office of Financial Management.  Plus, in January, Lexington Finance Commissioner Jane Driskell will become the governor’s budget director.  “Working in local government you keep up with trends at the state budget level and also at the federal budget level, so hopefully my learning curve will be shorter than somebody coming in that didn’t have that prior experience,” said Driskell.

Current Lexington Budget Director Ryan Barrow heads to Frankfort before the end of the year.

The Office of Financial Management does all the state funding of projects, all the projects they do on the capital side and on the state level is what that office does.  So, I’ll be responsible for all that,” said Barrow.

Barrow says that includes all the bridge projects across the state.