Two Lexington Lawmakers Want Criminal Justice Modifications

Jan 2, 2018


Two Lexington lawmakers are seeking modification of an extensive criminal justice reform law enacted in 2011. 

The changes sought by Representatives Stan Lee and Robert Benvenuti address some of the arrest powers of police. Their bill would eliminate citations for certain misdemeanor offenders. 

House Bill 463 focused heavily on deferred drug treatment as a way of saving incarceration costs and space.  One provision allowed police to issue a citation instead of an arrest for specific misdemeanor crimes.  Lexington Fraternal Order of Police President Jason Rothermund supports a move away from citations and toward incarceration for certain property crimes. “I don’t think that decriminalizing criminal behavior is the answer because that takes away accountability.  And I don’t think that’s what the taxpayers want,” said Rothermund.

Rothermund says his FOP lodge is working with lawmakers on bail reforms which could help to lessen the length of stay for non violent inmates who can’t afford bail