Two and a Half Year Street Address Debate Settled

Dec 11, 2012

A two-year debate over assigning street addresses in Lexington appears to be resolved.  The discussion over how to re-number nearly 50 residences on Richmond Avenue centered on addresses with fractions.  Lexington E- 9-1-1 director David Lucas says fractions can confuse emergency responders.  However, some residents have fought city hall…hoping to maintain their unique addresses.

They found Council member Diane Lawless was sympathetic.

“These numbers have been that way for ever and ever and everybody’s mail gets in.  There were public safety people who said, firefighters and police who said that’s gonna make it more difficult for us,” said Lawless.

In other parts of town, some 200 residences were forced to adopt whole numbers.  Council member Tom Blues feels the city should consistently apply to rules.

“I would not agree that a street number makes us special.  There are so many other qualities of our city,” said Blues.

Still, the council made an exception for residents along Richmond Avenue….keeping 41 addresses unchanged.  Another four homes will have a letter added to their addresses.