Turning In Power Hungry Refrigerators

Jul 5, 2012

A refrigerator or freezer out in the garage can be a nice place for leftovers and beverages.  But, if inefficient, they can also be heavy energy consumers.  Kentucky Utilities is offering 30 dollars to anyone who wants to unload an old fridge.  K-U’s Cliff Feltham says modern refrigerators are much more efficient..

“However old that refrigerator or freezer is, it won’t be operating as a refrigerator or freezer that you buy now and put in your house.  In operating inefficiently, it’s chewing up kilowatt hours of consumption that you as a consumer don’t need to be chewing up because it’s operating so inefficiently,” said Feltham.

During a single year, Kentucky Utilities says an inefficient refrigerator may draw an extra month’s worth of electricity.  Spokesman Cliff Feltham says K-U’s only interested if the fridge is operational.

“If you have a thousand customers who give up that old energy hog refrigerator wherever it is in their house and replace it with a more efficient refrigerator or freezer, then that means that they’re not having the customer demand, those thousand customers are not having that customer demand that they did before,” added Feltham.

K-U customers can schedule a pick up and have up to two inefficient refrigerators or freezers hauled away each year.  The appliances must be operational and be at least seven-point-75 cubic feet or larger.