Tuesday Giving Call

Nov 26, 2012

A leading voice in on-line charitable giving welcomes Tuesday’s national emphasis on donations.  Now, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, it’s time for Giving Tuesday.  Charitable organizations in central Kentucky hope to tap into the holiday spirit  Among the groups soliciting on-line gifts is the Blue Grass Community Foundation.

Its president is Lisa Adkins.

“I think the idea is a really lovely one and a really important one, and that is as we’re purchasing all of these things and spending all of this money, that we all take time to give some thought to charitable giving while we’re spending our money,” said Adkins.

The Bluegrass Community Foundation and Smiley Pete Publishing are sponsoring the second annual ‘Goodgiving Guide Challenge.’   The nine week fundraising campaign is near its halfway point.  Already, Adkins says already more donors are involved and more money has been raised.

"By the time you add in all the challenge grants and bonuses that non-profits are winning, we really have raised more money and processed more gifts than we did through the entire nine weeks last year which goes all the way through December 31,st” added Adkins.

Adkins says the Goodgiving Guide Challenge has also expanded beyond the Fayette County boundary.