Troopers "Friend" Potential Recruits

Jul 29, 2011

Frankfort - Kentucky State Police is tapping into cyberspace through social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to entice new recruits to join the agency. KSP Commissioner Rodney Brewer announced Friday that the agency launched its first of several recruiting videos via YouTube.

“Social Media has become a crucial part of how we interact with each other and it accelerates the dissemination of information to the public,” Brewer said in a KSP press release. “This is the way our society is now, especially with our younger generation – they want immediate notification.”

KSP is accepting applications for troopers through October and are tapping into multiple social media formats to get the word out.

KSP currently has several social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and a Blog located on

Lt. David Jude is the Commander for the KSP Public Affairs Branch and has implemented these social sites in an effort to broaden the reach the agency has on the community.

Jude said one of the unique things about social media sites is that it allows the public to see a different side of the agency and explore some of the unique projects KSP is involved in.

“This first video takes an important process such as recruiting new troopers and blends in a little humor to make it more appealing.”

Other projects KSP has promoted on their social media sites have been Trooper Island Camp, Unsolved Case Playing Cards, Citizens Police Academy classes, Missing Persons cases, and a National Conference the agency hosted.

“We strongly recommend it to other law enforcement agencies,” Jude said. “There is not a faster medium to disperse pertinent information then cyberspace.”

KSP currently has 33,809 followers on Facebook, 1,947 followers on Twitter, 2,900 views on Flickr and the Commissioners Blog has had 7,265 views.