Tree Project Along One of Lexington's Busiest Roads

May 24, 2013

Credit Stu Johnson / WEKU News

A city landscaping project will more than double the number of trees along a heavily traveled stretch of Lexington’s Nicholasville road.  Urban Forester Tim Queary says several of the trees originally planted in the 1980’s have died.  He says six others still standing were improperly pruned by a private contractor.

“Really the people that we were most interested in who we felt like broke the law in this situation, actually damaging city owned property, is the contractor that was actually hired by someone to do that kind of work,” said Queary.

Queary says the old trees should be removed and replaced with 14 new Honey locust trees over the next week.

“The trees are gonna be smaller.  They’re gonna be about a three inch caliber, but it’s gonna look nice because it will look a lot better than what you see now,” added Queary.

Queary says the seven thousand dollar cost is being paid by the Corridors Commission.  He says business owners in the area have been advised the city will maintain the trees.