Treasurer's Office Works to Pay Disaster Claims

Mar 16, 2012

Employees in the unclaimed property division of the Kentucky Treasurer’s Office are working to locate the rightful owners of more than $26 million dollars in unclaimed property in the counties hardest hit by the violent storms of March 2. The Treasurer’s Office approached Lexis Nexis, an information technology services company, for assistance and the company generously agreed to donate enhanced software to speed up the process of locating and verifying the owners of over 99,000 claims in the federally designated disaster counties.

“We are reorganizing our human resources and reprioritizing our efforts here in Treasury to find the folks in the storm counties, and issue them a check as quickly as possible so they can get the money in their hands to help them rebuild their lives,” state Treasurer Todd Hollenbach said in a statement released by his office.

The Treasurer’s Office has already taken steps to expedite the processing of current claims from those counties and will soon be sending out checks for 229 claims totaling more than $215,000.

“The folks in our office wanted to do something to help out immediately and we thought that if we could concentrate our efforts and move those claims to the front of the line, we should be able to quickly return money to the people in the disaster areas who are in real need,” Hollenbach said in a press release.

Additionally, the Treasurer’s Office is sending letters to local leaders in the affected counties with an offer to bring on site the Treasure Finder’s Program that uses local volunteers to locate unclaimed property holders.

Employees in the Treasurer’s Office are also collecting donations that will be forward to the American Red Cross. Kentucky Government workers will also be reminded how they can help out storm victims when they receive their paychecks this week in the form of a public service message printed on their check stubs.