Trauma Center Needs in Kentucky

Oct 26, 2012

The head of the University of Kentucky’s Trauma Center would like to see a doubling of such facilities statewide.  There are currently ten hospitals in Kentucky designated to treat severely injured patients.  Dr. Andrew Bernard would like to see another ten in place over the next five years.  He says three more level three trauma centers would benefit rural areas.

“In the areas of Kentucky where there are good regional community hospitals, where people can get surgery, if they’re bleeding to death, I’d like to see three of those, I’d like to see seven level four trauma centers over the next four years,” said Bernard.

Doctors, nurses, and emergency medical technicians gathered in Lexington today for the annual trauma symposium.  UK surgeon Andrew Bernard says about a 25 thousand dollar investment is needed to convert a community hospital in a level four trauma center,  He says additional money is just part of the formula to make a Kentucky hospital a trauma center. 

“And then we’re going to need the surgeons of Kentucky to, in some cities, step up to the plate and agree to operate on some trauma patients when the situation calls for that.  I think those surgeons are prepared for that challenge,” added Bernard.

Bernard works at UK Hospital, one of three such level one facilities serving Kentucky patients.  The other two top trauma centers are found at the Universities of Louisville and Cincinnati.